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Blind Ghanaian Man Sells Coconut For A Living

Most often than not, physically disables in Ghana are left wondering the streets begging for alms to feed themselves. This poses several risks to their lives and the lives of others. In recent times the flooding of disables on the streets has pushed the government to do all things possible to get them off the street.

But a middle-aged visually impaired man has proven to others that disability is not inability. He sells coconut on the streets of Accra.

A video of the blind man skillfully selling coconut with a very sharp knife has stormed social media and it’s fast going viral.

In the video, the blind man is selling some of the coconuts to a man and a lady but the skills displayed left many surprised. The lady standing behind the man couldn’t even close her mouth. Looking at him, she was utterly shocked.

Ghpage.com has not yet identified the identity of the man in question but watch the video below and let us know if you know who he is in the comment

Source: Ghpage

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